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      Macco excels at custom stretching works of art on canvas on either regular or heavy duty wooden stretchers, with side, back or gallery stapling with stainless steel staples. If the painting is to be framed in a “float” frame  - i.e., wherein a small gap exists between the frame and painting  which exposes the sides when viewed at an angle - the exposed, white sides of the painting (called “skirts”) can be painted either a solid color or the painting extended on four sides.  Paintings are rarely framed with glass or plexiglass, excepting works which require extraordinary protection because of fragile condition and/or value to prevent canvas punctures, accidental or otherwise.

      There are numerous ways to mount textiles depending on the specifics of the fabric, the art, type of paint, condition of all of the above, and the size.  Fragile textiles can be sewn with needle and thread to a 100% cotton backing for stabilization. Because of the inherent wicking tendencies of fabrics, the need to isolate textile-based art from glass is just as crucial as with art on paper.



      While I am not certified to do difficult restoration, I am qualified to perform minor to intermediate repairs to include rebuilding or recarving missing ornaments, paint touch-ups including “holidays” in the gilding, complete oil gilding, and custom staining or painting.

       For restoration work outside my areas of competence, I recommend customers to the services of  highly trained professionals – one for oils, another for works on paper, and others for complicated, delicate frame conservation –  who routinely deal with museum-caliber jobs.  I have no financial “finders-fee” or “kick-back” arrangements with any of these people and insist customers needing such services deal with them directly.



      Macco offers unique custom built display solutions for your art and collectibles. I have created shadow boxes with custom mounts for odd shaped objects, lighting systems integrated into the frame and extra deep diplay cases with custom moulding fronts. I also offer custom built and custom finished frames.


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