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Frames, Fillets & Glazing


     Frames are available in several ways: purchased “off-the-rack” ready-mades , ordered from moulding providers in either exact cut-to-size “chops” or whole lengths to be cut by the framer.  For the most part, Macco orders chops or length, and currently has an extensive in-house collection of the latter which is great for rush jobs. 

     In recent years we have also expanded our frame offerings to include custom-made profiles and finishing, usually from raw length moulding, to meet a need for a frame/profile/colour/size  which doesn’t exist from available chop services.  Additionally, we can fabricate customized boxes and shadowboxes in our in-house workshop table saw,  router and mitre saw. All work is done in our studio.

     We are also just as happy to work with customers’ frames whether a priceless antique, a frame found at the flea market, one abandoned in the attic for decades or something purchased at the local CVS.



     Fillets are best described as mini-frames which go on the inside cut edge of the mat. They provide a transitional accent from frame to mat to art and usually echo the color of the frame. They also function as a practical, aesthetic means of creating greater distance between the art and glass as their application requires extra board behind the mat to cradle and attach.


       We provide every possible form of glazing: regular, conservation clear & museum glass; regular and conservation OP3 plexiglass.  Prices vary considerably with quality and size. Glazing choices depend on many variables from aesthetics to safety to practicality, as the specific case with pastels for which the use of plexiglass is contraindicated. Plexiglass offers a sturdy, unbreakable product, but its generation of high static when handled would lift and ruin pastels and/or very fragile works of art on paper or fabric because any static would/could literally suck the fibers apart and cause them to stick to the inside of the plex.. 

     Since we learned our framing skills in the Dark Ages, we continue to cut glass and plex by hand as opposed to expensive, bulky cutting contraptions. Hand-cutting is a good thing if the frame is tiny or asymmetrical and multi-sided.  We can also find hard-to-find oval bubble glass for granny’s portrait.


    “Fitting” is framer lingo for the putting together and finishing of the various parts of a framing job. The fitting package contains the obvious matted and mounted art and glazing as well as an acid-free backing. Each type of art dictates the specific methods to be and not to be used for securing the package whether glazing points for sturdy art & frames or carefully inserted brads for delicate works such as pastels or crumbling fabrics. The package is sealed with a dust cover whose purpose is not just a neat back, but it actually prevents the package contents from being “inhabited” by insects. The choice of hardware depends on size & profile & weight of the frame and contents. Wall hooks are provided.


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